Psychiatry - Psychology

Psychiatry can be defined as a medical discipline whose task is to study the causes of mental disorders, work on their detection, treatment and suppression. The psychiatrist plays a key role in establishing the diagnosis and formulating the treatment plan. In some cases, a psychiatrist may seek the help of other experts in the field, as well as the advice and opinions of psychologists, and on that basis devise a treatment plan and establish the correct diagnosis. The patient is explained in detail the nature and prognosis of the disease or disorder, the effect of medications, possible side effects of therapy drugs, as well as the further course of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. In some cases, psychiatric treatment is combined or continued with psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a way of treating certain disorders, conditions or illnesses that are caused by psychological reasons. It aims to eliminate or reduce difficulties, relieve internal tension, fear, feelings of guilt, suppress aggression, cope with stress and other problems alike. If some of your problems are depression, anxiety, various fears and phobias and other psychological problems, seek help at the Konzilijum Polyclinic.

Service Name Service Price(€)
Dr Aleksandra Ražnatović
The first psychiatric examination 50 €50 €
Psychiatric examination check 40 €40 €
Dr Nevenka Pavličičić
The first psychological examination 50 €50 €
Psychological examination check 40 €40 €
Psychological testing (one test) 70 €70 €
Complete psychological testing 120 €120 €
Psychotherapy 50 €50 €