Doc Dr Nevenka Pavličić

- Clinical psychology specialist


Over 30 years of experience in medicine


  • 2012 - Doctor of Psychological Sciences
    “Đemal Bijedić” University in Mostar
    “Psychological Aspects of Validity and Reliability of the Performance Evaluation System and Its Application in Human Resources Development in Montenegro”
  • 2008- Masters of Psychological science, Faculty of Philosophy
    University of Belgrade "Cross-cultural validation of seven-dimensional personality model"
  • 1998 - Specialisation in Medical Psychology
    Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade
  • 1989 - Clinical psychologist
    Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • 1989 - Industrial Psychologist
    Filozofski Fakultet, Univerzitet U Beogradu

Professional Training:

Psychological Diagnostics

  • Application of Neo-pi R 2020
  • Application of Pai Inventory 2016
  • Rorschach Test - The Comprehensive System of John Exner interpretation 1997


  • NeuroFeedback / Eeg - Biofeedback Zagreb
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coach - Iscp Belgrade
  • Assertiveness Coach, Belgrade
  • Human Potential Analysis Institut Fur Kognitives Management (Germany) and Rebt Center, Belgrade
  • Rebt Albert Ellis Institut University
  • Of The State Of New York, Basic Course
  • Rebt Albert Ellis Institut University
  • Of The State Of New York, Advanced Course
  • Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy, Primary Level, Belgrade

Mental hygiene

  • Mobbing and Mobbing Protection Cpp Dps, Belgrade 2004
  • 1997 - Psychological Debriefing With Traumatized Children
    (Norwegian Government, Unicef ​​and Stress And Trauma Center, Israel)

Place of Work:

  • 1992 - Clinical Center of Montenegro
    Clinical Psychology Specialist
    Clinic For Psychiatry
  • 1989 to 1999 - Igalo Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Clinical Psychologist
  • 2013- Univerzitet Crne Gore
    Građevinski Fakultet I Medicinski Fakultet
    Poslovna Psihologija 1 I 2; Zdravstvena Psihologija
  • 2013 - University of Montenegro
    Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Medicine
    Business Psychology 1 and 2; Psychology and Psychopathology;
  • 2013 - University of Donja Gorica
    Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Vatel and Faculty of Humanities - Psychology
  • Faculty - Psychology
    Human Resource Management 3; Psychology and Psychopathology;
  • 2017 to 2020 - University of Travnik
    Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy; Psychological Testing and Selection in the Function of Personnel Development; Forensic Psychology And Psychopathology
  • 2013 to 2015 - Ibw Strategy Consulting Agency
    Human Resources Consultant