Internal Medicine

INTERNAL MEDICINE is a medical specialty that deals with the study, treatment and prevention of internal organs disease, such as diseases of the heart, lungs, blood and blood vessels, digestive organs, kidneys, etc. The internist uses all the anamnestic data obtained from the patient or his relatives, physical examination and diagnostic procedures that are performed for the prevention or diagnosis of the disease. After taking a medical history and physical examination, a differential diagnosis can be made, or a list of possible diagnoses that correspond to the existing symptoms. Further examination goes towards laboratory diagnostics, methods of scanning, X-ray diagnostics, ultrasound, CT scanner, magnetic resonance imaging or different intervention procedures if needed.

The goal of every internist is to cure the disease that exists within patients, reduce the symptoms of the disease if complete cure is not possible or to educate him about lifestyle changes to prevent the occurrence of internal organs disease, all for complete body health.

Very often, the internist seeks advice, opinion and additional analysis of other specialties in order to put diagnose more accurately and thus, a proper therapy and treatment as well.

Service Namee Doctor Service Price(€)
Internal examination with ECG Dr S. Pupović Dr S. Pupović 30€ 30€
Internal examination with ECG nurse and doctor’s field visit Dr Pupović Dr Pupović 100€ 100€
Post-Covid internal examination:
- Internal examination
- KKS, D-dimer, CRP, LDH, SE, fibrinogen
Dr S. Pupović Dr S. Pupović 60€ 60€
Holter ECG Dr S. Pupović Dr S. Pupović 20€ 20€
Internal examination follow-up Dr S. Pupović Dr S. Pupović 15€ 15€
Blood pressure holter The service of interpreting the results is part of the internal examination and included in the price Dr S. Pupović Dr S. Pupović 40€ 40€
Holter field placement (internal holter reading included in the price) 70€ 70€
ECG in the field 10€ 10€
Doctor's field visit 50€ 50€
Nurse's field visit 20€ 20€