Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the nervous system. Neurology is especially concerned with the description and explanation of the clinical picture of diseases caused by pathological processes and lesions in certain structures of the nervous system or disorders in its functioning.

The subject of neurologist’s interest is the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, but also its very close structures of blood vessels, and the peripheral nervous system, which includes nerve roots, nerve plexuses, peripheral nerves, nerve connections with muscles and muscles themselves. Neurologists of Konzilijum Polyclinic diagnose, treat, monitor and control a range of conditions and diseases, starting with headaches and other chronic (neuropathic) painful conditions of the head, face, neck and spine, dizziness, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and involuntary movement diseases (tremor, dystonia and dr.), epilepsy, memory disorders (Alzheimer's disease and other dementias), stroke, poly / neuropathy, myasthenia gravis, various muscle diseases and other rare diseases.

Types of examinations:

The neurological examination performed by a neurologist is the basis of neurology and includes painless examination of the nerves of the head, vision, strength and tension of body muscles, reflexes, stability when standing and walking, precision of movement, sensitivity, speech and mental state of the patient in terms of memory, reasoning and orientation. Diagnosis can sometimes be made only on the basis of such a detailed examination. Based on the outcome of this examination, the neurologist may request additional research including numerous other tests: specific laboratory examination, ultrasound of the neck blood vessels, electroencephalography, electromyoneurography, neuro scanning procedures (CT and MRI), etc. The data obtained in this way help the neurologist to make the correct diagnosis and enable the patient to receive the correct treatment.

In Konzilijum Polyclinic, the diagnostic methods used to diagnose neurological diseases are:
• EMNG or electromyoneurography
• Doppler of neck blood vessels
• CT examination of the head
• MRI examination of the head and spine

Service Name Doctors Service Price(€)
Examination by a neurologist Dr Debeljević 40 €40 €
Dr Vujović 40 €40 €
Dr Eraković 50 €50 €
EEG - electroencephalography Currently not available 50 €60 €
EEG - examination by an epileptologist Currently not available 90 €60 €
EMNG (arm and leg) Dr Eraković 100 €
Dr Debeljević 100 €
EMNG (arm or leg) Dr Eraković 70 €
Dr Debeljević 60 €
Neuromuscular transmission test Dr Eraković 100 €
Dr Debeljević 100 €
Prostigmine test Dr Eraković 50 €
Dr Debeljević 50 €
Neurosurgeon examination Prof.dr Vasa Antunović 100 €60 €